"As Promax Building & Residential Services our Team continues to evolve, we aim to define and re-define the new standard. We don't break rules, we write new ones"

Residential Projects

Promax Building & Residential Services thrives on a clientele prospering philosophy; ensuring the quality of your home to be at the utmost standards, providing comfort within your family’s household through exquisite renovations.
Renovating a space is undeniably a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new. From large-scale ultra-luxurious condominium renovations to profitable lavish family home renewals, Promax Building & Residential Services partners with clients to create comfortable and functional spaces for families surpassing expectations.
Promax Building & Residential Services is utterly experienced in a variety of residential projects, ranging from knowledge in minor home repairs to cutting-edge architectural masterpieces. All jobs are embarked upon with experienced workmanship and innovative design techniques.
Our team’s consistent meticulous attention to detail travels throughout the process of designing, budgeting and constructing your home. The Promax Building & Residential Services Team leads professional expertise on budgets, planning, and time frames as well as recommendations towards architects and designers working together to achieve your desirable home. We will guide you through each step, promising your dream home is created.